If WordPress bridges users and content, onWord bridges developers and WordPress.

Educyber and OnWord - the WordPress Plugin for DevelopersQuick as a flash, our open source framework will help you to build incredible, reliable, web applications on top of one of the most beloved content management systems in the world: WordPress.

onWord is everything you would want from a web framework:

  • Object Oriented – onWord models everything in your system as an object, and helps you organize your code to be simple, clear, and powerful.
  • MVC – onWord separates the modeling and the display of your data, and then ties it all together with controllers, just like you would expect.
  • Open Source – no licensing fees here!
  • Reliable – well-tested libraries handle almost all of the business for you, so you can focus on how to properly describe the interactions of objects in your system.
  • Transparent – onWord never hides anything from you.
  • Simple – code that is concise and clear is more likely to be correct and easier to maintain, and that's why we built onWord.

onWord has everything you want:

  • ORM – a lazy-loading object model that your classes inherit means a smaller memory footprint for your objects, and JSON-encoded key-value pairs means more flexibility in your data storage, without having to write a single line of SQL.
  • HTML Helpers – create and process forms with ease, even forms with files and modal calendar pickers for dates.  Write AJAX calls, authenticate users against WordPress's capability system, and paginate search results, all with the help of onWord helpers.
  • Code Generators – creating classes, scheduling tasks, generating custom content types and admin menus, and creating shortcodes with page routes are just some of the things you can do with onWord.
  • Query Library – a flexible query class lets you search for records, update them in batch, or delete them without ever sanitizing inputs or debugging SQL.

onWord does everything you want.


At the end of the day, all developers want the same thing: reliable, fast, well-organized code.  onWord does that.  

If WordPress bridges users and content, onWord bridges developers and WordPress.

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