EduCyber gets non-profit organizations. We understand the various needs of non-profits and rather than trying to force a non-profit into a certain mold, we custom-tailor your website to meet your specific needs.

Some of the features that we often are called upon to add to a site include:

  • Customized donation method
  • Adding ecommerce in order to purchase events or sponsorships
  • Integration with 3rd party programs (like customer relationship management software)
  • RSS feeds
  • Calendaring and calendar feeds
  • Ad serving applications
  • Event tracking
  • Donation tracking
  • Team management (for events where participants pay and are added to teams)
  • Animal tracking (for animal shelter)
  • Member management software

Whether a solution already exists or we need to build it for you, we help you get the best solution for your needs.


Nonprofit Sites Educyber has DesignedWe’ve done sites for:

  • Business Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Animal Shelters
  • Tourism Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Scenic Byway
  • Industry Associations
  • Churches & Schools

If you don’t see your industry listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Contact us to find out if we have a solution that meets your needs.

Learn more about the web technologies we use

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You guys provide a great service. I appreciate what you do to keep my site up and running smoothly.
John HaskellA Business Owner
It is really easy to work with EduCyber
Rev. Philip CameronPastor
EduCyber understood Churches and how to implement what we wanted on the website
Rev. Ryan OakesPastor
EduCyber was “better than I could have hoped for.”
Michelle FischerBethlehem Lutheran School
EduCyber understands what we in God’s family are trying to do
Martin BarlowClient
It is great to work with a family-owned, local business that is responsive to our needs
Britta FisherDirector of Non-profit organization
Our school has a website that has been developed by EduCyber. Each teacher has their own web page accessed through the school website. I have used my web page to communicate information that is easily accessible to parents. Weekly communication of Spelling words, Memory work, and other information can be changed within minutes. Newsletters, spelling lists, other information can be linked quickly. The teacher page is workable for both a single grade classroom as well as a multi-aged classroom.The website can also be accessed by others as an introduction to our school. It is a great marketing tool as well as an excellent communication tool for today’s school. I highly recommend EduCyber.
Barb SchampTeacher
EduCyber is very reliable and just . . . professionals. All of them.
John WardRetail Staff
With EduCyber we have a functional, good-looking web site that people like to use
Britta FisherWheat Ridge 2020
We got a ‘polished, finished, easy-to-update website’
Michelle FischerChristian School Principal

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