Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Need to generate more leads from your website?


Connecting with your customers online is becoming more and more challenging. How do you break through the noise of everyone and everything clamoring for your attention?

Imagine what would happen if your customers came knocking on your door. Wouldn’t that be nice? We help turn the tables for our customers, getting their customers to come to them for help.

EduCyber can be your digital marketing manager, handling all of your Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and Social Media marketing needs with our digital marketing services. Whether you want an integrated online marketing plan or need assistance with one area, we have the expertise to help.

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Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Business


Content Marketing

The best way to communicate both to customers and to search engines what you do is to have content about what you offer. Well-written content used keyword phrases your target market is searching for AND moves users towards a clear call-to-action.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Whether your business has been around for awhile or is brand new, you have a list of customers or people who have expressed an interest in what you are doing or selling. Starting with that list (and growing it), we’ll craft a series of messages that help move your contacts towards compelling actions like buying from you or contacting you for more information.


Conversion Optimization

Often we find that a website is generating a lot of qualified traffic but the site itself needs to be reorganized to move folks along from simple actions like “View Case Studies” or “See Samples” all the way up to “Checkout” or “Call Now”. Conversion Optimization, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization, impacts your bottom line in a positive way but getting more business from existing site traffic.


Search Engine Optimization

If your site is newer or simply isn’t getting the number of visits from qualified potential customers, we work with you to optimize your site and other factors so that you are ranked for the key word phrases that resonate with your customers. We have boosted new sites dramatically and taken established websites much higher in the rankings.


Paid Search

Also known as Pay Per Click, these campaigns are designed to fast-forward your marketing dollars. The minute your ads go live, your customers begin seeing them. A powerful paid search campaign includes keyword research, conversion optimized landing pages, carefully thought out ads, an understanding of bidding strategy and ongoing attention.


Social Media Marketing

The first step to an effective Social Media Marketing campaign is identifying who you are targeting and then determining the media that is appropriate. Facebook marketing is appropriate for many business to consumer (B2C) businesses and even for some business to business (B2B) venues. LinkedIn is a good media for B2B direct customers and there are a variety of other social media choices such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many other media that serve specific markets.