Lariat Loop

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About the organization:

The Lariat Loop is a scenic byway in Jefferson County Colorado. This historic loop goes up Lookout Mountain, shoots over to Evergreen, winds it’s way back down through Morrison, passing by Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks Amphitheater, and then goes back through Golden to the base of Lookout Mountain.

Problems the organization faced:

After receiving a grant to, in part build a web site, the Lariat Loop was faced with the issue of what should the web site do? And more importantly from a business perspective, how could the web site help promote member businesses and make the organization more self-sustaining?

Solutions that EduCyber developed:

Before we even started developing a solution, we held a web site brainstorming session that helped clarify a key goal – making the loop “sticky” so that visitors wouldn’t just visit the Coors Brewery Tour or just drive up Lookup Mountain to visit Buffalo Bill’s grave but take time to explore all the nifty places along the loop.

EduCyber then put forth the idea of a custom developed “Trip Builder”. Visitors to the site can add places they’d like to visit to their trip and once they’ve got all the places on it, they create a turn by turn map showing them how to get from place to place.  This custom development was paid, in part by a hotel tax so as they’re generating their trip, if a hotel isn’t on the list, they are prompted to add one if desired.

Lariat Loop members can also add information about their location as well as pictures of or around their location.

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