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Understanding how we work with our clients can help you understand whether we’re a good fit for your web site project. So here is how we go about the website design process.

First and foremost, we PARTNER with our clients to ENGAGE their visitors and CONVERT them to customers. An important part of our process is partnering with you. That means first we listen to you. While we’re good at what we do, we want to understand what you do and what you want to accomplish and the only way we know to do that is to listen to you. We’ll ask questions to get clarity but we want to capture your goals in order to move your organization forward. We believe it helps to understand the website design process in order to have a good experience.

Understanding The Website Design ProcessOur typical website design process looks like this:

  1. Data Gathering: We ask lots of questions and listen carefully to your answers
  2. Set Requirements: We put together all the requirements that we understand are a part of the project and work with you to modify and confirm the list is complete.
  3. Design and Build: Whether we’re doing a design, design and development or a development-only project, we confer with you to make sure we’re on track towards meeting your goals.
  4. Test: We do both in-house testing and beta-testing with you to make sure that our work functions as it is supposed to.
  5. Sign-off and Launch: Once the testing is done to everyone’s satisfaction, you sign off on the project and it is launched.

EVERY step of the way we consult with the client to make sure we are meeting expectations. Your project manager is available via email or phone during business hours to answer questions and address changes during the implementation or design and build phase of the web site.

For other digital marketing projects like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Paid Search Campaigns, we customize the process to your specific needs.  In order for us to be the power behind your website, we want to make sure we understand what your goals for project are. In fact we often help you clarify your goals and expectations for your website.

Since the early 90’s the World Wide Web has transformed dramatically. Wikipedia has more information about all the changes that have occurred but the process that we have followed since we were founded in 1998 is to make sure we work closely with you to understand and implement your goals.

And we also don’t want to leave you hanging after a launch. We’d love to have you host your site with us but whether you do or not, we can set up a maintenance plan to make sure you continue to get a custom fit. This allows us to evaluate or re-evaluate the effectiveness of your site as your organization grows.

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