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More Experience

EduCyber benefits from over two decades of experience in studying and working with user interface, user experience, and backend development. We founded the company in 1998 but the president, Brian DeLaet, got his start a couple of years prior working through the university he was at to craft that university’s first website.

The goal, from the very start, has been to remove obstacles that stop visitors. Stop them from clicking Add to Cart, stop them from clicking Buy Now, stop them from clicking Donate, stop them from signing up for newsletters. Stop them from submitting a Contact form. Whatever the next step is, we help remove the obstacle(s), making it easier to take the step, find the button, make the call, complete the purchase.

But what does more experience look like?

Some firms are excellent at design. Some firms are excellent at code. Some firms are good with graphics but not with translating it into the web.  EduCyber prides itself on end to end experience – getting the right look and feel and also having the code on the backend do just what it is supposed to do.

EduCyber has rescued sites from designers who had no idea how web sites work. We’ve worked with established companies that need a team that can build both an engaging site and a robust application on the backend. We have worked with non-profits to add features that dramatically boost giving and streamlined existing donation processes to make the more effective. We have worked with companies that need an effective online presence to sell more product.

And while we have a range of experience, we continue to invest the time to stay abreast of trends in the industry and learn from others about new technologies and new resources that are changing the way the Internet works.

Let EduCyber’s passionate and energetic team of experts help your business or organization look at the ways you can improve your digital presence and communications strategies. Call 303 268-2245 or Fill out THIS FORM today.