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Why it's important to hire a web designer

When it comes to your manufacturing web design, you should rely on web design experts to build your website. There are three main reasons why you should hire an experienced web design firm.

1. You can focus on growing your business

You are busy running your manufacturing business. You know how to build / make / manufacture, and you’re good at it. You should be able to continue to focus on that. When you spend your time running your business, managing staff, communicating with customers and keeping production going, it is difficult to find time to design your site or have someone on staff focus just on this task.

This doesn’t mean that you should settle for something less than the best. Instead, you can work with a web design firm. You’ll get a site that resonates with your audience and moves leads towards closing the deal.

When you hire a web design company, you can put your attention on taking care of your business while they focus on building your website to your needs.

2. You’ll get a site customized to who you are and what you do

Manufacturing Web DesignYou can’t make your website stand out with templates. A good web design company can deliver a unique web site for your manufacturing company.

When you work with a web design company, you can have the opportunity to build a site that is best for you and your customers. You can add features as desired and organize your website in a way that fits your business in the best way possible.

By hiring a web design company, you can have a customized site that helps your manufacturing business stand above the rest.

3. You can work with experts

Your company is an expert in manufacturing. Good web design firms are experts in their field. When designing your site, it is best to rely on experts, designers and developers with lots of experience, to build your website.

If you try to make your website on your own or in house, you will likely be stuck using templates with pre-canned looks and calls to action. While it might seem convenient because you just add your information, templates don’t help your business stand out. You’ll have the same look as dozens of other manufacturing websites.

When you hire a good web design company, you get a custom website built the way you need it.

Manufacturing Web Design best practices

It takes a lot to create an ideal website. There are many things that you want to make sure you include and those elements need to work together to connect with your visitors in meaningful ways.

1. Visual elements

The visual aspect of your site is important. If your website has paragraph after paragraph of text, you will lose your audience. Compelling visual elements are one good way to keep your website visitors engaged.

The visual elements can be photos, infographics, or, increasingly, videos. You can integrate these items where appropriate on each page. Strong visuals are a great way to give visitors a visual aspect of you do business.

Other visuals you can incorporate include posting photos or videos showing your products or processes or even showing your staff. One compelling method is to create moving infographics showing the results you achieve for your clients. All these elements will help engage your audience and moving them towards your goals.

Compelling visual elements are important because they keep your audience engaged and on your website.

2. Mobile-responsive

Ast Responsive LayoutMobile-responsive or mobile-friendly design is an integral part of your site. You cannot control how your visitors choose visit – whether through a phone, through a tablet, or on a desktop or laptop. No matter how they visit your website need to provide your audience with a positive experience.

A properly developed responsive design makes sure that all users have a good experience. The mobile experience is, by design and intent, different than a computer experience, so your site needs to adapt properly to each device in order to provide mobile users with a good experience.

By having a mobile-responsive website, you can keep leads engaged.

3. Product Listing

As a manufacturing business, you want to showcase your product offerings. You want to attract new customers want or need your products. A good way to attract these new customers is by creating a database for all your products.

This is an integral part of your website design. You want to give your potential clients a way to look through all your products to see if you offer what they need. It is also a valuable way to get each of your products listed in the search engines so when they are searching for a specific product or part number, they can easily find it.

By creating a product database as a part of your web design, you can keep leads and prospects engaged and coming back for more.

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Picking the perfect web design agency for your manufacturing company

You know you need a website design firm, but how do you find the right agency? You want a web design agency you can work with for a long time, so you want to make the right decision for your manufacturing operation.

Three key ways to determine the right web design agency for your manufacturing company are:

1. Look for credentials and connections

A reputable web design company will not be an island. What are people saying about them? Search for the web design firm’s name. Google, in particular, will show you information about the firm and if anyone has written reviews, good or bad.

A firm with any experience or reputation will be engaged in one or more ways. Are there any “trust symbols” on their website? Are they in a chamber of commerce or trade association? Have they won awards?

You aren’t the only manufacturing company that is looking to retain a web design company. If you need help finding the right web design company for your business, ask around. You can ask other manufacturing companies about their experience with and results from web design companies.

This will help you choose the right website design company for your manufacturing business.

2. Client testimonials

Another key thing to consider is a firm’s client testimonials. Understanding and seeing that the company has worked with other manufacturing companies successfully will give you confidence in your decision. Good client testimonials can give you insight both about the quality and about the processes of the web design company.

By looking at testimonials, you can get an idea how the company treats their customers. Do they produce results? Is the process understandable? Is their good communication? These are just a few questions that you should find some answers to in testimonials. So this willhelp determine if the web design company is the right fit for your business.

Good and varied testimonials can make that web design company a good option for your business.

Larkin Layout Portfolio3. Portfolio

Viewing the actual work that a web design company has created is a good way to see if they are a good fit for you. So look for their portfolio on their site. You can see the style how the firm turns the client needs into an actual website.

This is also a good way for you to see if a company has experience with your industry. If they do, you will be able to see the type of websites they produce for similar clients. This gives you additional insight into the type of website they would produce for you.

Even if they don’t have experience with your industry, you can check out their web designs to see if it is a style you like. If you like their style, they might be a good choice for your manufacturing business.

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