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Membership Manager Plugin

You have an organization to run. You don’t need to spend time trying to track everything manually.

EduCyber created the Answer.

We have built a membership manager plugin that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Instead of getting an out-of-the-box solution that you have to adjust your processes to, we have the core functionality built and work with you so the plugin flows with your processes. We build a lot of websites for membership organizations.

EduCyber’s membership manager system includes:

  • Member profiles
    – options include every member gets same profile or pay to get different levels
  • Online Join
    Whether you have an approval step or if new members are automatically approved, the application process is online and automated as much as you like
  • Online Renewals
    Members can renew online and automated notices can be sent at whatever intervals you prefer
  • Member Dashboard
    Members can login and access all essential account functionality from one dashboard
  • Newsletter Generation
    Reduce the amount of time it takes to get your newsletter ready to send. From hours to minutes. We work with a lot of vendors but iContact is our preferred vendor.
  • Hot Deals
    If you offer member to member or member to public deals, it is easy for members to create and update their own deals
  • Event Management
    Create and manage events easily
    Handle RSVPs whether they are paid or free events
    Schedule events in advance
    Members can easily RSVP from their dashboard
  • Attendance Tracking
    Handle checkin online with notebook or tablet
    View reports
    Print RSVP list for online checkin
  • Tiered Membership Levels
    Members can self-manage their levels and benefits
    “Voucher”system automatically detects member’s level and debits their account as needed
  • Simple CRM
    Create DRIP campaigns to track leads or members
    Emails can be autogenerated and sent on schedule
    Volunteers or staff can be assigned tasks
    Tags can be used to follow folks – for golf, gala events, and whatever your organization needs
  • Customized Reporting
    Need a specific report? We can create it for you.
    Show expiring members.
    Show expired members.
    Find members with a specific tag. 

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Membership Manager Plugin