5 Tips for Businesses this holiday season

  1. Employees will likely want to shop online – let them know it’s OK (if it is) to use work computers as long they use them outside of their normal work hours.
  2. Spam has an incredibly huge upsurge at this time. Just be aware of this as there is little that your email provider can do.
  3. If your business traditionally slows at this time of year, this might be a good time to do some extra computer training. Keep you and your staff abreast of your technology.
  4. Try not to succumb to the urge to get the cheap computers available this shopping season. The big makers are trying to get rid of excess inventory which means the clunkers that no one wanted to pay full price for are now cheap.
  5. Budget now for your technology for next year. If you’ve got computers purchased before 2003, they will likely need to be upgraded or traded out for newer models. Do you need to upgrade your Operating Systems (is you’re not using Windows XP SP2, you do [sorry Mac users, Microsoft still rules in business])? Are you getting the most of the tools you already own or do you need to invest in more training?

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