Google Doesn’t Play Fair

Imagine, if you will, going to the doctor for an exam. After the exam, the doctor tells you the grave news that you must have an operation immediately, the exam results show a problem. But when you ask what the problem is, the good doctor gives you a medical book and says that your problem is definitely one of the problems in there.

That’s pretty much what I feel like right now. Yesterday I was showing a potential client how to find my site in Google when I noticed a new link on the results that says “This site may harm your computer”. Trying to go brings up an intermediate page warning of hell and damnation if you do visit my site.

I’ve gone to Google and to the site they work with, and I get messages saying “Read the guidelines” but no indication of why they have made it nearly impossible to get to my site. My only recourse is to go through page after page of guidelines to see if there is possibly something I have done to offend.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to stop the bad guys and their nefarious schemes of installing spyware and trojans on computers. But Google’s approach is to say “You’re doing something wrong, stop it immediately.” and then not tell you what the problem is. Married guys have probably experienced the same frustration but this is effecting my bottom line!


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