Twitter, Tweet, Twilight

Today, as the twilight settled round me on a cloudy and cool eve, I turned to my new favorite hobby, I tweeted my friends on twitter. When you connect with friends and send a message, you’ve just tweeted. Sure glad they didn’t call it tooting.

Twitter is fun. Take the ability to send text messages to your friends and colleagues and mix it together with newsletter blasts and you begin to grasp the thrill of Twitter. Add to it the skill of writing haiku and you get even closer. Twitter is a hybrid web appication texting application found at

I use it to connect with friends and colleagues in ministry. I also use it for business to stay on top of what gurus in the field are all about. For example, I can track Rev. Joe Burnham at I can follow Search Engine Optimization guru Aaron Wall at Follow all the tips for riding a wave of publicity at

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