Internet Marketing

Once your site is built (or better yet, as it’s being built) you want to reach out to your potential audience, your potential customers, and entice them to visit and do business with you.

Internet marketing comes in many different shapes and flavors including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – most well known as Google AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media PPC
  • Local Marketing (such as Google Local and Google Places)
  • Location-based Marketing (such as Foursquare or Facebook Checkin)
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization (CO) – getting visitors who make it to your site to actually do business with you
  • Video Optimization

EduCyber is Your Partner for Your Internet Marketing Needs

Our team can help you determine which kind or kinds will best help you accomplish your goals and then craft a plan and implement it with you.

A typical campaign will blend SEO with Local Search, and perhaps video optimization but often the first step is to conversion optimize your web site – why would want to drive lots of traffic to your site if you aren’t converting people?

Think about it. If you have a 0.5% conversion rate (1 conversion for every 200 visitors), wouldn’t it make sense to conversion optimize the site to get it to, say 1.5% (3 conversions for every 200 visitors) and then run a campaign to drive more traffic?

In any case, whether you’re looking to get traffic to your site immediately (probably with a PPC or Social Media PPC campaign) or looking more for the long term (SEO and Social Media), we can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs.


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